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Let's Talk About The Boys is an upcoming ts3 series to show on Abby Dabby's youtube channel. So far, there are a few characters, but the plot is still under development. You may add characters, or make any needed changes to the wiki, as long as it is not vandilism. ;)

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Mujitsuno Ningya

Pool Mermaid

Satokibi Amai

Name Shown in series yet? Completion
Judy Yes About 90%, I still have to work on some things before the release date.
Molly No I don't want to spend much time on her. She's not my main priority.
Rena No Dang, Rena is just started. She doesn't have a backtory or personality yet, so it'll be a while until I get her done.
Tegan No I have actually nowadays spent most of my character time on Tegan. She's now complete. (hint: she was inspired by Oka Ruto)
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